Client testimonials

I have cooked for and taught some wonderful people – thanks to them, I love my work…

“I crave and relish not only Laura Pope’s cooking, but her creativity and all-round positive energy too. Laura has cooked for our travelling caravan of family and friends in Cornwall, London and the countryside over the years, and is everyone’s absolute favourite. Can’t recommend her enough, though hate sharing.” – Laura Bailey

“We all adore Laura and her brilliant cooking, every meal relished and savoured. Whilst we wish her luck in her new ventures, we know that her special stress-free combination of talent, creativity and kindness will bring her continued success. Laura’s modern healthy approach to cooking and entertaining is both inspiring and satisfying, and we have learnt as we feasted.” – Eric Fellner

“Laura Pope has cooked for my family whilst on holidays and at our home. I love her ‘nothing’s too much trouble’ approach as well as her flair for fresh, healthy and very delicious food. Laura’s love of Italian-inspired fare mixed with her own modern ideas have always been just what we feel like eating. She has a great eye for colour and passion for everything she makes. Her interest in anti-cancer diets has been very useful and I feel very lucky to have been fed by her!” – Emily Dyson

“Every year we look forward to our family holiday in Cornwall – apart from the beautiful beaches and fantastic surf, it’s the delicious food that awaits us from Laura. Using local, fresh produce, her menus are creative, yet have a real home-cooked feel; everything is always so tasty, hearty and flavoursome and her puddings are off the chart!!! We never leave Laura after our holidays without a big care package of salted chocolate chip cookies xxx” – Jools & Jamie Oliver

“Laura cooked for us in Cornwall. She offers an irresistible combination of modern food and traditional classics, all cooked with delicacy and care using the finest local ingredients. Her passion for food is evident in abundance and she is a charming and courteous hostess. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know her and to eat her fabulous food.” – Jacqui & Paul Land

“Laura is talented and versatile; she has cooked for me on a number of occasions covering both informal and formal events, family gatherings to meals for 40. There is really no better food in the world. Laura listens to what you want and what you love, then responds accordingly, using her intelligence and expertise to conjure up meals that are unimaginably delicious and unimaginably beautiful. She can produce the healthiest, cleanest food and also more decadent, traditional recipes, vegan feasts to Middle Eastern banquets to shepherds pie….  She uses ingredients in a modern, refined and creative way,  yet her food is never over-fussy or overloaded with ingredients. She also does everything with ease and grace and generosity. Amazingly, I have never seen her appear stressed or hurried. Thank you Laura!!!” – Tree Sherriff

“Laura is a phenomenal private chef. She has cooked for our family on several holidays in Cornwall and her cooking and repertoire is fantastic. She has made wonderful picnics, evening meals making great use of local and seasonal ingredients as well as special meals for children which are always left with clean plates. Her chocolate brownie is to die for.” – David & Clare Sismey

“Laura did a beautiful little cooking party for my daughter’s 8th birthday – they made really interesting puff pastry savoury tarts, which they cooked and ate with delight. Laura has a lovely calmness about her that rubbed off on the children. It was a lovely afternoon. Laura has also made delicious drinks party canapés for us made with proper ingredients.” – Beatrice Walduck

“Laura Pope was a super tutor and brought to the course an excellent variety of recipes for us all to attempt and ultimately to master. There were no exceptions, everybody achieved! I cooked and baked recipes that I have constantly avoided over the years for fear of thinking they were too difficult. Laura showed us that the twice-baked soufflés were not only delicious, but that the initial preparation could be done well in advance, and the final result could be baked and served in minutes. I had never cooked a terrine before – the ingredients seemed to be a minefield and difficult to combine. Again, Laura showed us that it is a fairly straightforward dish to prepare with a quite delicious and impressive result. I could continue, but for fear of being tedious I’ll finish with saying, without exception, all the recipes were tasty and I know I will use them frequently in future. Well done and thank you, Laura.” – Jeanine Maclaine

“Finally we have found a chef that intelligently participates in menu planning, is meticulous in her approach and delivers a feast. Happy client, very happy guests. Thank you Laura.” – Mort & Simona Mirghavameddin

“Laura has worked for me for several years, both for our luxury chalet company in Verbier and in Cornwall cooking for our family and rental guests, all of whom expect only the best and a real versatility in style. Her beautiful, rustic food is perfect for Cornish summers, not to mention her fantastic baking, delicious jams and preserves and irresistible homemade granola and Nordic crirpsbread. She is an absolute pleasure to have around the house, not to mention reorganising my larder and freezer.” – Liz Berman

“Words can’t stress how talented Laura Pope is. But her food can. Laura is a pleasure to work with and the utmost professional. She takes detail seriously and will go to the limit to please. That’s why we keep coming back for more!” – Claudia Moselhi, Comté